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happy potato/es

Weird enough. I find SORSOGANON BICOL very sexy.

And as fate would have it, you speak Sorsoganon. 

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Sometimes I wonder which one’s the pretend relationship. Sometimes I wonder if it’s me who’s hoping. I need reassurance once in a while, babe. Because every time you’re with her and seeing pictures of you together and seeing the relationship status you and her have on facebook, even though it’s pretend, still hurts. Because I know some people won’t understand the situation and start to pity me and think that I’m being stupid again (due to my previous relationship), but you know what, it’s okay ‘cause it’s for you.. for us. Because that ex of yours still loves you and I’m scared that you might fall in love with her again. Because I’m such an insecure little twat and I can’t help but get jealous. Because I’m broke right now, partly because of you, and it sucks.

I just hope the case gets dismissed really really soon.



What the fuck Gru how do you notice this like they are all basically indentical

That’s because he truly loves them and knows them

Pretty soon I’m going to be tired of putting up with this and you’ll regret it.

Infatuated by the idea of love.




Instant reblog forever


Fucking beautiful!